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Are you bored with the same and dull shooting targets? Do you find no charm in the old generation exploding targets that neither create a sparkling effect, nor a deafening sound? Come to The Exploding Target and find the best and most amazing explosive targets for sale that you can not find anywhere.

Our shooting targets for sale are the best exploding targets that you can find anywhere in the market. Exquisitely hand made from the best material, our shooting targets create an effect that leaves the onlookers spellbound. At The Exploding Targets, our aim is to provide the safest and legal products to satisfy your shooting desires. We work with complete focus to offer the best quality products that are not only the most expressive and exciting in the market, but they also adhere to the safety guidelines.

Get an outstanding explosive performance at stunning velocities with our tannerite targets. Easy to mix, our exploding targets are safe to handle as they do not explode if even dropped accidentally. Our exploding targets come in containers that are pre-filled with a chemical base. For the shot, you have to mix the chemical base with the activator powder. The .22 targets can be shot with a regular .22 rim fire, in addition to a hi-velocity round with a muzzle speed of 2800+ fps. A shot is ready within 60 seconds, which makes our exploding targets time saving and efficient. Made with the best chemicals, we ensure that every shot of yours is the best shot.

Our shooting targets are ideal for use not only in shooting clubs, large-scale shooting events, or fire authorities, but by general public as well who have interest in long range shooting. Since the explosions occur at a very swift velocity that produces a huge and deafening explosion, it is advisable to wear safety goggles and ear plugs and DO NOT SHOOT NEAR CHILDREN OR ANIMALS. Shoot the exploding targets safely and have unlimited fun!

Although both the chemicals when unmixed do not qualify as exploding targets, mixing the components may involve some federal jurisdiction. Check with the local or state laws before procuring the exploding targets.

Try our products and will never try anything else again! Contact us today for bulk discounts and other offers on our exquisite range of exploding targets.

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Non-support of Illegal Activities!
It is illegal to manufacture any type of ground explosive device in the US, regardless the intended use, unless you are licensed to do so by the federal government.

If you are wanting ingredients and materials to make M-80's, silver salutes, block-busters or any other type of illegal firework, You can go elsewhere because we do not sell to ANYONE who intends to produce such! We can and will turn down any orders at will if we believe you are producing any illegal firework.

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